Support the club you burn for and get rewarded

Leondrino provides services around the digitalization and tokenization of sports clubs

Branded digital currencies of sports clubs make the difference

Become part of your favorite club due to your direct fan support.
Be closer than ever.
Through #Leondrino.

Pay for products and services of your favorite clubs using their digital currency.

Get incentives and rewards for your fan support.

Get access to exclusive events, products and experiences

Build your loyalty status and receive individual discounts​

Benefit from a potential increase in value of your club´s token

What you can get for digital club currencies



Snacks and Drinks



Fantasy Football

Express you interest in your favorite club’s digital currency


Earn a voucher worth 10 tokens of your favorite club by completing a fan survey


Redeem that club token voucher by opening a Leondrino Wallet.


Invite friends to join as well and earn further tokens for every successfully registered friend.

To get started, complete a short survey about your sport preferences and earn your first club tokens.

Become a fan influencer

Whether you organize a fan club of a sports team or are an influencer, Leondrino Germany grants you bonus tokens if you help us to expand and promote the acceptance of club tokens in the sports sector.

Coming soon

News channel for token sale events of club tokens

Gaming competitions supported by
club tokens of your favorite club

Specials and exclusive offers of the club you support

Get closer to the club you love. Open your wallet now!