Take fan engagement to the next level

Leondrino provides services around digitization and tokenization of sports clubs. Identify your fan base better and use its power. Increase fan engagement and create new recurring revenue streams. Save transaction fees and even raise funds.

Potential Benefits and Values of Your Own Branded Club Token


Properly identify fans from both local and abroad.

Increase the brand awareness and reach for your club.

Customize offers based on predicted purchase decisions.

Create Your Digital Ecosystem

Extend your digital ecosystem by allowing partners to accept your club token as a means of payment.

Integrate new digital products and services.

Improve the experience for your fan community.

Offer new customized opportunities for your sponsors.

Means of Payment

Use payment information of your fans for individualized offers and data-supported sponsor retention.

Reward fans according to their support as a fan and transaction history.

Cut down transaction fees.


Raise capital while introducing your club token to the market.

Take investments from fans, professional investors, and institutions without a change in the club’s shareholders structure. 

Create new touchpoints and increase the number of users to generate more revenue through sponsorships



Stadium Challenge

Fantasy Football &
Digital Collectibles

Increase your sales on current products by providing an optimal user experience and individual pricing according to each of your fan's loyalty status and transaction history



Snacks and Drinks

Case Study - Cashless Stadium

Benefits for the club - Cashless Stadium

  • By offering contactless and cashless payments.
  • By obtaining KYC verified fan profiles (Leondrino IDs).
  • By offering new innovative products and services (e.g stadium challenge, fantasy football).
  • By offering individual offers and discounts based on loyalty.
  • By pushing customized offers in reaction to individual and match-related events.
  • Reduce payment processing fees.
  • Reduce your paper and printing expenses.
  • Avoid unnecessary waiting times for fans.
  • Avoid ticket touting.
  • Keep a real time track of all the transactions made in Club-Token at the stadium.
  • Reduce the CO2 footprint of the club while improving your climate supporting image.

Why choosing Leondrino as your partner to issue your own branded club token?

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Introduction into Tokenization in the Sport Industry

Aprox. 90 minutes

  • Tokenization in the sport industry (club token and NFTs).
  • Potential benefits and values of introducing your own club token.
  • Practical uses cases (ticketing, merchandise, digital assets).
Tokenization in Stadium
Aprox. 45 minutes
  • Finance your new Stadium through tokenization.
  • Cashless Stadium.
  • Practical uses cases (ticketing, merchandise, catering, specials).
Tokenization: Security vs. Utility Token
Aprox. 45 minutes
  • What is Tokenization/
    What can be tokenized?
  • Difference between Security and Utility Tokens in Sports.
  • Practical examples.

We, at Leondrino, do understand the uniqueness of your club and therefore help you to realize your club's desires and ambitions